Rewards of Time Well Spent

Rewards of Time Well Spent

Read | Psalm 63:1-8

Communicating with God is always a blessing: The believer who spends time alone with his Father can expect rich rewards. For example, King David’s psalms often speak of the stillness of soul and renewed energy that he experienced from time in God’s presence. Our spirit is quieted in prayer so that worry and frustration are soothed away. As the Lord refreshes us inwardly, we can feel the tension seeping out of our muscles. Not even a poet like David can explain how it happens, but the result of our worship is divine energy surging through these human bodies.

Our emotions are renewed as well. When I go home after a Sunday morning sermon, I’m quite tired. The perfect remedy is to sit down with the open Word and ask the Lord for a fresh sense of His presence and love. He answers every time. Those divine responses—as well as little nudges from the Holy Spirit—serve to strengthen our faith.

In spite of the great rewards that result from spending time in God’s presence, many Christians avoid it—especially when they are trying to ignore sin in their life. But He is determined to purify our hearts so we can be conformed to the image of His Son. If we are afraid of His correction and resist the transformation process, our relationship with Him will weaken. On the other hand, a desire to deal with anything that interferes with our connection to the Father will lead to a closer personal walk and bring blessings that go with being His beloved child. Time spent in His presence is always rewarded.



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