Wandering from Gods Word

Wandering From God’s Word

Read | Psalm 119:33-40

Assembling a toy or mechanical device rarely turns out to be as easy as the instructions claim. First, there is a myriad of parts that are expected to go somewhere. Next, the amount of time set aside doesn’t seem to be enough, and interruptions come more often than we want. Then, there are the instructions themselves, which typically leave out key points on how to finish the job.

Perhaps you have been viewing God’s instruction book—the Bible—in a similar way. There are those 66 books to read and apply. Then there’s the obstacle of insufficient time or interruptions that distract you. Or, it may seem as if additional training is needed to understand divine truth. Any one of these could cause us to veer away from Scripture. Even mature Christians can find themselves inattentive to the Bible. But when we wander from God’s Word, we soon wander from God and His ways.

What is it that you desire for your life? To please the Lord? To glorify Him? To rise above worries and fears and experience the abundant life (John 10:10)? For all of us who answer yes, our priority needs to be drawing closer to God. We do that by studying and applying His Word.

Are you willing to give God your undivided attention in order to nurture your relationship with Him? Will you put yourself under the control of His Holy Spirit to learn how to live an increasingly godly life? The rewards are great: knowing our Savior in ever-increasing fullness and living a life pleasing to God.


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