Surrender to God

Surrendered to God

Read | Ephesians 5:15-17

To make us useful servants for His kingdom, God knows when it’s necessary to break our self-will, which is our independent “self.” He doesn’t want to break us; He just wants to transform the parts of us that do not reflect Jesus Christ.

Our heavenly Father sees who we really are, so He targets those areas in our life that will hinder Christian growth. Attitudes of pride, jealousy, anger, and unforgiveness need to be dealt with so that His divine love and truth will flow through us to others (Eph. 4:31-32). To promote change, He will bear down on us and maintain pressure until we respond. The Lord desires what is good for us and will do what is necessary to bring transformation in our thought life, attitudes, actions, and priorities.

I remember when our church staff was much smaller. We had two live television programs to produce, along with the rest of the responsibilities, so we all worked very hard. Eventually, great weariness forced me to stop serving for three months. I wondered what would happen in the congregation during my absence. It turns out the church grew in attendance, giving, and serving without me. The Lord knew that pride in my pastoral position would be a hindrance to future service. So He took steps to change me.

Through that time of brokenness, the Lord taught me a great lesson: Yielding in obedience to God is what makes my service valuable to Him. Have you been cooperating with His work in your life? Transformation will take place when you surrender to the Father and cooperate with His Spirit.


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