The Purpose of Conviction

The Purpose of Conviction

Dr Charles Stanley

Read | Hebrews 12:4-11

Have you ever seen a parent firmly grip a naughty child and lead him to where he ought to be? Sometimes our heavenly Father must employ a strong directing hand with us. Even as believers, we’re a wayward people who are prone to wander. But when we go too far, God helps us back to the path of righteousness.

The Father’s guiding hand is always on His children. And when believers fall into sin and rebellion, He holds tighter. We call that pressure on our hearts and minds conviction. By saying, “This action/attitude/thought is not in keeping with who you are in Christ,” the Holy Spirit works to make us aware of wrongdoing. Conviction has the purpose of awakening believers to where they are in their relationship with God. If you’ve gotten off course, don’t you want to know about it so you can get back in the center of His will as fast as possible?

Sometimes the Lord uses discipline to lovingly redirect us toward the path that we abandoned. Discipline can be painful and costly, particularly when we have resisted the pressure of conviction. However, as any wise parent will tell you, living with the consequences of foolish behavior teaches a child valuable lessons about keeping to the straight and narrow.

Left to his own devices, man will destroy himself chasing after fleeting pleasures and egocentric desires. God has a better journey in mind for us: to travel toward perfect freedom in Christ, guided by His loving hand. When we stray, He tightens His grip and draws us back to the way of righteousness.

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