Rumor Has it Its not a Rumor about Gavin

Rumor has it it’s not a rumor.
Just a matter of a few days ago contemporary Christian recording artist GAVIN WHITE. Who was practically unknown to most of the planet released to his new single titled calling Jesus immediately after releasing the single within just a few days he managed to produce direct added and release a video by the same title. The video was very simple simply filmed in the church he played each character in which is true to the single as well as his entire project.

He is shown in the video singing from the pul pit. He is shown in the video playing the piano. Looking out the window,Walking through the church. Praying. All of which are true Gavin White.Gavin is determined to share the gospel. He insist the Gospel has never changed there’s no such thing as a new Gospel the word of God has never changed. He has a refreshing way of sharing the word he has a refreshing way of sharing his experiences with the Lord and continues to serve each and every day regardless of what happens. People have been said known to have said that his music at healing qualities. That things in their lives really changed because of the delivery of the songs
Gavin consistently gives credit to Rappers for the way that they have changed the industry in the way that they go out and hit the streets and spread their message hand-to-hand. They do this to the point where they don’t even need the old-fashioned record deal I’m so proud of them now there’s a message should need to reach the world and God is giving me a way to do it through music. Is given me the ability to preach to teach to play instruments to sing.he wants me to get out there and spread this word to touch the soles of so many lost souls to go outside of the church shake hands and show his love. Is allow us to put together a team the team of people record label entitlement records this is music that you are entitled to hear you can learn about the gospel you can feel his love through music. That’s what we are going to make happen. These are thewere straight from his own mouth the rumors out there is no rumor

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